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May I temporarily move away a conffile of a conflicting package? [Repost]

I had already posted this to -mentors but was told to seek a bigger
auditorium here.

For a complete discusssion see http://bugs.debian.org/183357

Currently the exim4-packages cannot provide /usr/sbin/exim (only
/usr/sbin/exim4) because exim v3's init script up to version 3.36-4
uses something aequivalent to this to check whether it should do
anything: [ -x /usr/sbin/exim ] || exit. If you had exim v3
uninstalled (but not purged) and installed exim v4 and it contained
/usr/sbin/exim both init-scripts would try to run a daemon. The same
applies to the cron-snippets.

The exim3 init script in sid has already been changed to use another
test that recognizes exim v3 properly but this doesn't help the users
who will upgrade from woody to sarge (when it is stable), switching
directly to exim v4 without installing eximv3 from sarge first. This
leaves me with these possibilties:
* don't ship /usr/sbin/exim in sarge, wait for sarge+1 and then break
  anyone's system who has not installed the new init-skript and is
  cross upgrading without purge from exim3.
* do something unclean. See below.

* exim4 postinst configure [ Disable eximv3 ]
  1 When eximv4 is installed check whether eximv3 conffiles using the
    bad test are installed, otherwise goto end
  2 move the respective file to $file.exim4disabled and generate a new
    $file that basically says "This file has been temporarily renamed,
    see $file.exim4disabled for the original one"
* postrm uninstall: [ reenable eximv3 ]
  if [ -e $file.exim4disabled ] && md5sum shows it is it is the
                                   original dummy file.
     if [ -e $file ]
       # exim v3 has still not been purged
       mv $file.exim4disabled $file
     else # exim v3 has been purged
       rm $file.exim4disabled
  else do nothing.

Is this allowed?     Yes[ ]    No[ ]
Is this too fragile  Yes[ ]    No[ ]
Better ideas?

I won't add a debconf question "May I temporarily move...." because
imho _either_ my proposal is good enough anyway and there is no use
asking another *useless* question _or_ if it is not allowed I would
have to use priority high and default to no.
         thanks for reading, cu andreas

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