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Re: Apt-get for users


isn't there something floating around that allows for complete chroot
enviroinments per users? But then I think you have to be root to chroot
in the first place, so the admin at least has to allow to user to do so
by installing a suid wrapper to enter the chroot. Or something like
that. Don't take that too serious, just crossed my mind.


Am Sam, 2003-04-05 um 11.55 schrieb Thomas Petazzoni:
> Hello,
> I am very new to this mailing list, and what I am going to deal with
> might be completely stupid, or might have already been discussed in
> other mailing lists. Anyway, I think it would be useful, at least for
> me, but also for others.
> There are many places where computers are managed by system
> administrators, who have the 'root' account, and the user is not able
> to use the packaging system to install his own applications : he has
> to compile it by himself. My idea is to allow the user to use the
> packaging system.
> I think it would be possible to have a installed package database per
> user, and allow packages to be installed in the $HOME of the
> users. The system administrator would have statistics about the
> softwares installed by the users, and if a package is installed by
> many users, he can decided to install it system-wide, and remove it
> from the $HOME of the users.
> Of course, we need to think about it a little more, about security
> problems, disk space usage problems and so on, but I think this is a
> nice idea.
> Sincerly,
> Thomas
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