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Re: should I orphan linux-wlan-ng?

#include <hallo.h>
* Joey Hess [Tue, Mar 25 2003, 12:59:14PM]:
> David Z Maze wrote:
> > I'm actually somewhat curious to hear how apt-src changes the world in
> > this case.  My impression when it first came up was that it was
> > intended to people who run "stable with one unstable package" to track
> > the source for that package without having sid in their APT sources.
> > Would you use apt-src to get source for all of the kernel modules you
> > care about under $MODULE_LOC, and then use kernel-package as normal?
> You can do that, or you can tell apt-src where your kernel source is and
> if the module package supports apt-src natively (ie, linux-wlan-ng), you
> can use apt-src -b upgrade to rebuild debs of the modules anytime a new
> version is released. Or you can do some mixture of both.

Yes, _you_ can. I am talking about facts, about how the things have been
done till now. It was pretty consistently for make-kpkg and dozens of
documentation around the net, people got used to it, and the method did
what it was supposed too: pull the source which is often rebuilt on user
machines together with the main distribution files (as said, most CD
vendors do not sell source CDs in the cheap versions). And now you tell
linux-wlan-ng users to use apt-src (which is not better at all than
"apt-get source" for this purpose).
If you wish to experiment a bit and create the infrastructure for
_this_ purpose, use "experimental". Do not force a half-cooked solution
at any price.

> > Also, does approach make it easier or harder to come up with binary
> > modules for all of the Debian stock kernels?
> Unfortunatly it doesn't really help.

Well, no offending comment from me here. It is worse enough that you are
playing prima donna on -devel.

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