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Re: should I orphan linux-wlan-ng?

 On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 12:04:02PM +0100, Attila SZALAY wrote:

> And then I compile the extra modules with make-kpkg too. It's set the
> include path correctly, and so on.  No other tools do this.
> But if I want to use it, the modules must be in /usr/src/modules
> directory.
> And what the sources packages do? Uncompress the files into this
> directory.
> So, when we talk about _kernel_ _modules_ I deeply need source packages.
> But not in other situations.

I do not think this is justification for having the kind of module source
packages that we currently have.

There are few differences between:

cd /usr/src
tar xvzf module-source.tar.gz


cd /usr/src/modules
apt-get source module

The key ones being dependencies and automatic upgrades.  apt-src, from what
I have seen, aims to provide these features at the source package level.

 - mdz

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