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should I orphan linux-wlan-ng?

So, I have a little quirk. I don't do things in technically wrong ways,
even if it is how everyone else does it. I'm sure that I do things in my
packages that someone can point at and see as technically wrong, but I
do have my standard, and I would rather orphan a package than be stuck
maintaining something I feel is not good.

Please read bug #184899 and if enough people feel that I am completly
off-base in this, I will just orhapan linux-wlan-ng (and apt-src since I
will have no incentive to keep working on it -- I wrote it so I could
have the possbility of packaging modules packages in a way I was
comfortable with), and someone else can do whatever they like with it.

Oh and BTW, I am not the maintainer of dh-make.

see shy jo

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