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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

This one time, at band camp, Matthew Garrett wrote:
>Jameie Wilkinson wrote:
>>In case you hadn't noticed, booting is a special case.  Notice how most
>>stuff lives in /var and /usr, and not in the similarly named directories in
>I only have two directories in /var/ that appear in /. I have somewhat
>more in /tmp than I do in /var/tmp, and more in /lib than I do in
>/var/lib. Am I missing your point here?

/bin - boottime version of /usr/bin
/lib - boottime version of /usr/lib
/root - (gratuitous, I know) boottime version of /home

I was just trying to point out that a lot of stuff in / is already there
specifically for booting, so adding /run for the equivalent of /var/run at
boot time already has a precedent.

>>/run is justified for parts of Debian that require a state directory and are
>>run before the rest of the operating system has finished starting up.
>But there really don't seem to be many of those. 

No, but it seems there's significant interest in doing the right thing for
the few that do.

>Mountall is called early in the boot sequence. I can't see anything in
>my startup that ought to be storing runtime state that happens before
>that. A network mounted /var is a special case, not normal booting.

What about a separate partition /var, which is a quite normal case?

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