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Re: Managing network parameters for nomad machines

On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 09:22:50AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 10:41:01PM +0100, Richard Atterer wrote:
> > We need a kind of "subscription system" where interested packages can be 
> > informed of changes - e.g. a "/etc/network-param-changes.d". 
> The right way to do it would seem to be a symlink arrangement like:
> 	/etc/resolv.conf ->
> 		/run/etc-profile/resolv.conf
> 	/run/etc-profile ->
> 		/etc/profiles/home

AFAICT you're proposing a file structure for maintaining several sets of 
configuration files for different network environments.

That will definitely be necessary, and fits in nicely with what I meant:
/etc/network-param-changes.d (or whatever) is filled with shell scripts,
installed there by various packages.

The moment your /run/etc-profile symlink changes, all those shell scripts
are run with run-parts. But they'll also be run if a DHCP server suddenly
decides to give you a different DNS server.

> and then have a script that updates /run/etc-profile and restarts any
> necessary daemons when you change location. Doing that as an
> /etc/network/if-pre-up.d script would be pretty straightforward.




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