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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 12:01:35PM +0100, Thomas Hood wrote:

> Here is a list of files that people have suggested would go under
> /var/run (i.e., /run).


> /etc/resolv.conf


On any machine NOT using dhcp, resolv.conf MUST be persistent across
reboots (it is, in fact, a config file).  I think the decision to store
resolv.conf in /run instead of /etc by symlinking must be a site-specific
one.  (DHCP-using systems with non-writeable root partitions are a


> /var/run/

Again, a site-specific decision.  In the common case, /run is on the root
partition, and the rules for "stuff needed before /var is mounted" should
parallel the rules for "stuff needed before /usr is mounted": i.e., the
FHS should only require the minimum be stored here.

> /var/lib/ntp/


No one should be suggesting /var/lib/ntp be moved to /run -- it's where
it is today because it's *persistent* state, *and* because the ntp init
scripts don't run until /var is mounted.

> Most of the /etc files listed above need to be split up into:
>   * static parts to be stored in /etc
>   * dynamic persistent parts to be stored in /var/lib
>   * dynamic volatile parts to be stored in /var/run
> E.g., /etc/resolv.conf should list only a default nameserver;
> if ppp is brought up then the names of dynamically assigned
> nameservers should be stored somewhere like /var/run/bind/resolv.conf.

Seems feasible, but should be discussed with the maintainer of the
resolver library for implementation.

> I don't see why the following should moved under /var/run.

> /dev/gpmctl
> /dev/gpmdata
> /dev/initctl
> /tmp/.X11-unix/
> /tmp/.font-unix/
> /var/lock/

The gpm pipes don't really belong under /dev, IMHO, but are there for
historical reasons.  I think moving them is outside the scope of the
current discussion.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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