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Managing network parameters for nomad machines

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 12:05:29PM -0800, Philippe Troin wrote:
> The problem is that the glibc resolver only reads /etc/resolv.conf once.
> Long running applications are not notified when resolv.conf change and
> will still send queries to the old name servers. And I hate having to
> close and reopen mozilla (or anything else) whenever I hop around
> networks with a laptop.

Yes, *please* somebody come up with a system to manage changing DNS servers
(and while you're at it, also include outgoing mail hubs, HTTP proxies

My laptop connects to 3 different nets (home LAN, uni LAN with DHCP, ppp
dial-in) and I once tried to set up pdnsd to make the restarting of
apps/services unnecessary, but that turned out to be a big PITA and never
really worked...

We need a kind of "subscription system" where interested packages can be 
informed of changes - e.g. a "/etc/network-param-changes.d". 

/etc/resolv.conf could then be owned by a number of conflicting packages;
the simple default package just writes DNS changes to /etc/resolv.conf,
whereas more advanced ones provide a forwarding DNS server which puts its
own address into /etc/resolv.conf and updates the address it forwards to.



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