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Re: glibc into testing today?

Colin Watson wrote:

> Guys, glibc has only been ready for testing itself for, like, a day or
> so. It might be worth laying off for a moment. :)

Has there been a sudden change within the last day or so? We've been
waiting for months for glibc 2.3 to reach testing. When I checked the
BTS not long ago, the only RC bugs listed were licensing issues, and the
PTS page listed nothing more specific than "taking my time with glibc".
Accoring to aj's latest statement (the one to which my message was a
reply), there are still some outstanding issues with some packages that
don't work with glibc 2.3. That sounds to me like glibc is _not_ ready
for testing at this time, or at least that it won't go in until other
packages are ready for it. So has something in fact changed just within
the last day or so?


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