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Re: knoppix/bootcd like software?


El  5-mar-2003 a las 13:14:34, sean finney escribió:
> hey -devel,
> so i'm having quite the love affair with this knoppix cd.  in the past
> month i've used it as a rescue cd more times than i can remember--like
> bringing a laptop back to life after making a devfs kernel and forgetting
> to install devfsd (oops)...
> anyway, i'm brought to wonder if there is any software out there (and if
> any of it is debian-packaged) for making your own live-on-cd debian
> mini-distros.  i think it'd be sweet to have a program that would take
> a file with list of packages, and install them + dependencies + base
> onto a bootable cd.  the automagic configuration that knoppix has would
> be nice too.

Well, in 


Jesus Climent introduced meta-distros, a HispaLiNUX (Spanish biggest LUG)
project, and it's basically what you are talking about. The only problem is
the language, it is almost all in Spanish.

At this moment, a Gnome-live-cd has been made taking the Knoppix idea and
we are working on a set of distributions taking the Debian base system and
sets of meta-packages for specific purposes. 

I'll write in a couple of minutes to the Meta-Distros mailing-list in order
to start a translation effort, of the documentation and the distros.

Some links, in Spanish at the moment :-(

http://metadistros.hispalinux.es <- Main project web
https://listas.hispalinux.es/mailman/listinfo/meta-distros <- Mailing-list

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