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Re: debconf template translation

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> Which forces one to export this for building or using a dpkg-source
> ignoring CVS or or or ...

alias dpkg-buildpackage='dpkg-buildpackage -i -ICVS'

It's not as clean as exporting, but I've been building traight from my
cvs checkouts (with incremental refinements as I implemented the features
turned on above), for years. For bounus points:

alias <whatever you dput with>=<script to first call cvs commit -m
"`dpkg-parsechangelog | grep '^  '`">

> Forcing maintainers to make something in a specific way with no real
> reason to have so (Internet connectivity for example, while preparing
> the packages, or is a CVS reachable from outside for about 15 min a day
> enough for you?), will not really give benefits.

I do my development on cvs that is only available when I'm down at the
unheated main building. Sometimes half an hour a day in winter. I only
need the network access to release software.

> In my eyes as lazy maintainer I would really like the following:
> * On http://packages.qa.debian.org/<letter>/<packagename>.html
>   a little box with summary like not yet included/missing/total strings
>   of the package and a link to a webpage
> * showing informations about details of the translation of the package
>   including all descriptions, debconf, strings in the package
>   and their descriptions
>   with 
> * a simple way to get the translated things to me. (Including
>   documentation on how which things are included, at least
>   some info how to get which file and where to place it),
>   and
> * a way to simple specify what interna things to translate.
>   (with a possibility to send in e.g. the new changed manpage
>    when I start packaging a new version, so that I can already
>    include translations when I'm finished and ready to upload it)
>   Best together with some documentation, that tells me e.g.
>   that if my package uses gettext I just have to send in the
>   files with this/those suffix to that and that.
>   (best with also a possibility to have send files in formats not
>    described yet, so that someone more intimate with the ddtp
>    can build something to break it down in something the translators
>    can handle)

I wouldn't mind a system like this, but I think (from experience with
getting translations via cvs) that cvs would be just as good, and would
have large additional benefits outside this area.

see shy jo

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