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Re: debconf template translation

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 11:59:36AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:

> > I think *technically*, the translated template belong into the package.
> > Any objections? 

> no. I will not avoid any translation in the package itself. This is the
> best way. 

> But the user should not depend on the package maintainer if he like
> translation. 

*Everything* else depends on the package maintainer.  Are you saying that
translations are more important than everything else, too important to
entrust to the maintainer?

If we have maintainers that aren't dealing responsibly with l10n issues
in their packages, we should address that directly.

> A other example: woody is stable and don't include translations for all
> packages. What is the problem, if a user install a
> 'debconf-l10n-de_0.9.woody_all.deb' and get his translations with only
> one package? 

For translations that are done after a release, this is fine; but such a
package will obviously come from a source outside of the Debian archives.
It's better to have the translations done before release, so they can be
included in the official archive; and it's better to have them integrated
in the packages themselves.

> > How about you continue filing bugs with translated templates for the
> > time being? The release is not anywhere on the horizon.

> Why sending bugs to the bts? We have the translations on a central place
> and the maintainer only must get it and package it. 

You haven't made it particularly easy to get the translations.  The page
for Samba alone,
takes several minutes to load, and many more to search through to find

The position that "we have the translations here, all the maintainers
have to do is come and get them" reminds me more of the attitude I've
seen from some BSD ports people than it does of what I've come to expect
from Debian.  And it does suggest to me that you don't care about trying
to cooperate with the maintainers, if you argue that it's the
maintainer's responsibility to come to you to get these package

Translations are important, and correctly managing them requires a lot of
work.  This does not excuse undermining key features of Debian's
collaborative development infrastructure in the interest of expedience.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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