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Re: [debian-devel] Proposal for removal of mICQ package

>--[Carlos Laviola]--<claviola@debian.org>

> I think that, looking at micq's bugs list, it is clear that Rüdiger's
> preferred way of dealing with Madkiss is by filing bug report after bug
> report, instead of mailing him in private

I think that, looking at your mail, it is quite obvious that you didn't read
a single thing about the stuff you're talking about. The BTS shows several
discussions between me and madkiss about the bugs I filed later because
someone in the other flamethread took offence of not filing them. It is
funny how you want to see from the BTS that I didn't mail madkiss in private
before I filed the bugs that are left for woody, because that happened quite

> <rant>

Just go home.

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