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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 11:53:09AM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le ven 14/02/2003 à 21:44, Gabucino a écrit :
> > Rudiger: Please use EXTRAVERSION, it doesn't harm you, but helps me in
> >          tracking bugs.
> > Madkiss: No, I can't sleep well then.
> > Rudiger: Please.
> > Madkiss: No.
> > Rudiger: Please.
> > Madkiss: No.
> Please point us to that conversation. The only thing I can find about
> that in the BTS is a 4 day old bugreport, and nothing indicates Madkiss
> didn't intend to correct his package.
> I can also see repeated complaints asking to make important changes in
> the woody package, which will obviously not be done.

I think that, looking at micq's bugs list, it is clear that Rüdiger's
preferred way of dealing with Madkiss is by filing bug report after bug
report, instead of mailing him in private or even starting a polite
thread on this very list while the code to "call attention" to the bugs
he reported, specially 180559, which was used to trigger the trojan,
were already there since January 24, date of release of micq,
13 days before the bug report was filed.

Now I wonder, what would upstream do when Martin uploaded his new
package fixing the bug?  "Hey, Martin, forgot to tell you about this,
but there is a trojan, albeit a dormant one now that you've fixed this
utmost important bug, on every Debian micq package.  I hope this doesn't
compromise my credibility.  Cheers!"

Or would he just try and see if he could pull the trojan without further
notice in a later release?

Carlos Laviola   < claviola@debian.org >
Debian GNU/Linux <http://www.debian.org>

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