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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

Miros/law Baran wrote:

Jeez, why are you all so lame?

> It was a personal offence against Debian. It was a deliberate sabotage
> act, based only on personal prejudices, aimed towards the Debian mICQ
> users.
<blah-blah> Nice text. Do you actually read what you write sometimes?
No? Nice to hear that.

> It also shows, that Mr. Kühlmann cannot behave in a professional way.
It may surprise you, but you are plain wrong here, and it changes the
whole situation. Why can't you see this stuff in another viewpoint??

It shows that Madkiss cannot behave in ANY sane way.

Rudiger: Please use EXTRAVERSION, it doesn't harm you, but helps me in
         tracking bugs.
Madkiss: No, I can't sleep well then.
Rudiger: Please.
Madkiss: No.
Rudiger: Please.
Madkiss: No.

Just stop right here and use your brain. What the hell can the upstream
do to change this situation? What? Come on, tell me. Tell me!

So far I know two debian package maintainers, and neither of them give
a damn fsck about upstream's wishes.

> IMO the package should be removed from Debian ftp archives.
IMHO these maintainers... Eh I don't know. These kind of people will
never ever see their mistakes. I wouldn't hesitate banning them from
debian project.

However, I already see how this case is going to end, Rudiger will
get himself flamed, and Madkiss continues running amok with others
programs. And I'll never forgive debian project for that.
(just when I started to like it a bit better...) :((

MPlayer Core Team

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