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Re: How should this issue be handled, should it be taken to the Technical Ctte?

#include <hallo.h>
Herbert Xu wrote on Sun Feb 16, 2003 um 02:00:57PM:

> This is a bit like filing a bug against the kernel saying that it should
> be merged with OpenBSD.

Bullshit. Their mkinitrd is also a shell script and IMHO much better readable
then yours.

> If there are particular issues with the package, please file bug reports
> about them (e.g. LVM but that's in the BTS already).  Otherwise you should
> shut up and do something useful.

And what are your plans with this requests? Where are your requests for help?
Where are your own ideas for the particular implementations? You just make
people believe that their wishes are known, registred in the BTS, and you make
them wait, and wait, and wait, and they can only use alternativ solutions
(recompiled kernel with initrd made by lvmcreate_initrd).

> Take it to the Technical Committee if you have nothing better to do.

Hell, do you think that if YOU are the kernel maintainer, you know better than
everyone else what the users need, and everything outside of your scope is
bullshit, toys, not important for productive use? 

ANSWER PLEASE. NOW. With an answer we can expect of a maintainer of your level,

And if you really think so, you should orphan the packages and let some
reasonable person do the job.


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