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Re: A better recompile process? Was: Re: testing, unstable, and dependencies


> However, what happens if there is a new major version of libxyz in
> unstable, that is not yet in testing?

Good point. How about:

Packages are built against the testing version of their build
dependencies unless

a) they explicitly specify that a certain package shall be of a version
that has not yet entered testing, or
b) one of their build dependencies, which must still be satisfyable in
unstable, depends on a package that is to be removed, i.e. that is no
longer connected to a source package (which happens exactly when a
library major version changes).

In either of these cases the package should be built against testing
with the relevant packages from unstable installed if
a) this is possible, and
b) it is also possible to revert the build enviroment back, i.e. the
packages installed from unstable are neither essential nor build

In all other cases the package should be built against unstable.

That catches the common case of a new major version by upgrading exactly
that library and using unstable in the case of a core library like
libstdc++ changing.


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