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Re: Freeze Please?

#include <hallo.h>
* Anthony Towns [Fri, Feb 07 2003, 02:10:15PM]:

> >  Or put in another way, if the testing maintainance scripts are working
> >  ok, why can't we release testing today?
> Because we don't have an installer, no one's working on security issues,
> and glibc in unstable has been broken since woody's release.

Time to fork the Sarge branch of boot-floppies?

> >  > Seriously, if you or anyone else wants to do the work to do security
> >  > updates for testing on a regular basis, everything's in place -- all
> >  > you have to do is upload the source packages, and work out whether you
> >  > want to do it like stable security updates (on the separate server,
> >  > made instantly available, possibly prepared before publication, with an
> >  > advisory), or just as an "out-of-band" update.
> >  That's good to know.  Do we have testing autobuilders?
> Of course we do. "Everything's in place -- all you have to do is upload
> the source packages."

Where? Why cannot we start building RC-free packages for testing?


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