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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging

> thanks for your offer - we will definetly have to work together to resolve
> certain issues with the other Qt packages after the 3.1.1 x11 version is
> done. Yesterday afternoon Martin asked me to help him finish up the package
> which we continued to do until 11 pm. Today we'll fix up what's left to do
> (I'm currently at that) and do test builds.
> I reached my goal with my mails to make people aware that there are problems
> and Martin to work with me because he wants to maintain Qt3. I don't care
> about who is actually the packager but that I can work with him and that the
> work gets done, if it requires some ranting here and there so be it.
> Please give him the chance to finish up the work we did now. You may think
> about your proposal again if we happen to end up in a dead end again.

Sounds good to me.  Thanks for your good work!


Ivan E. Moore II
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