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Re: more and more broken packages?

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

>> BTW, I did send mails to (hopefully) every maintainer of a package that
>> used aspell/pspell about a week before the new version was uploaded to
>> notify them of the changes, that some packages would need to be
>> recompiled, etc.  And, I made the new debs available for them.  I'm not
>> an official developer though, so I can't easily NMU any of the broken
>> packages to help the transition along.
> I would rather have filed bugreports so that it would be more obvious.

Well, the QA team went and transitioned libpspell4 to GCC 3.2, and
consequently broke of the packages using pspell before I even uploaded
the new aspell/pspell libraries.  So, bug reports had already been filed
for the most part.

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