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cross compiler deb package question

So as you may recall I am trying to get things started on an x86-64
port.  Since I don't have real hardware -- and it looks I will not have
access to any for a while I have been playing around with the bochs
emulator and a gcc-3.2-based cross compiler I built of the CVS snapshots
from x86-64.org.

I would like to build a cross compiler (host=i386/i686, target=x86-64)
and package it up in a deb.  I don't think this package should go into
the debian distribution, so I will not event suggest it.  I will,
however, make it available on my server -- if anyone else cares to use

Since the compiler is a standard gcc-3.2 \w x86-64 patches, making the
actual deb will be trivial (that is, I will use the existing gcc-3.2
source package as a blueprint).

However, I cannot just install it in /usr/bin/gcc because it would clash
with the base compiler (not to mention the apt gcc-wrapper)... so I know
that I will need a prefix.  I will probably pick x86-64- as the prefix,
since it makes sense and is relatively short (the default would be

Now, my question is: should it be installed in prefix=/usr or /opt or
/usr/local.  I understand that the debian-way (TM) is to instal in /usr,
but this is a less then usual package, no?

Moreover, what should I call the package?  x86-64-gcc-3.2.i386.deb?

Just wanted to get some feedback...



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