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Re: more and more broken packages?

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

>> >    balsa: Depends: libaspell15 but it is not going to be installed
>> >    gedit: Depends: libaspell15 but it is not going to be installed
>> > 
>> >    and libaspell conflicts with other versions of libaspell (I guess, 
>> > when I try to install libaspell15 it wants to remove other versions of 
>> > libaspell* and bunch of other programs that depend on these other versions).
>> aspell maintainer has made transition as painful as possible.
>> I think it should be possible to work with just the Replaces, and 
>> not the Conflicts, for easier transition, if the file contents aren't 
>> really changed but just the package names.
> Ah, I've noticed that it is a C++ library, and it should be 
> doing its C++ ABI transition.
> So, it's somehow doing something in the lines of being right, 
> although the changelog is not very explicit about it.

The aspell library sonames changed from 0.33.x to 0.50.x, so it wasn't
necessary to explicitly transition the ABI.

The reason that the libraries conflict is that the format of the Aspell
dictionaries changed, and thus the old libraries don't work with the new
dictionaries.  If a user upgrades their aspell and aspell dictionaries,
any software using the old aspell/pspell libraries will quietly stop
functioning properly.  So, yeah, I intentionally made the transition
painful to prevent subtle breakage.  If you can think of a better way
without having to fork every (large) aspell dictionary, please let me

Sorry I didn't mention this in the changelog.

BTW, I did send mails to (hopefully) every maintainer of a package that
used aspell/pspell about a week before the new version was uploaded to
notify them of the changes, that some packages would need to be
recompiled, etc.  And, I made the new debs available for them.  I'm not
an official developer though, so I can't easily NMU any of the broken
packages to help the transition along.

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