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Re: pbuilder-uml working (Re: Another pbuilder run finished)

> > Please check it out, it should be in incoming. 
> > It is in fact faster than pbuilder because
> > it uses COW devices.
> For short builds, perhaps, but I would think the speed penalty would
> dominate in long builds.  Patching the host kernel with the skas patch would
> greatly improve the speed; the current user-mode-linux package inlcudes skas
> support.

My current build times look like this:

culmus.log: 30
cup.log: 74
gnome-alsamixer.log: 191
gtkglext.log: 342
lablgtk2.log: 288
libclass-whitehole-perl.log: 32
libgetopt-java.log: 75
libhtml-fromtext-perl.log: 32
speakup-cvs.log: 33

When simple packages require around 10 seconds to build on pbuilder without
So, it is definitely slower.
In my observation, package downloading through network, and 
running ./configure seems to be very slow.
Maybe because they are syscall-intensive tasks.
I have an impression that compilation process using gcc etc aren't that
much affected.

I've not yet tested with SKAS patch.


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