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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

> > > Actually, the root requirement was a reason for me not to use
> > > pbuilder.
> Ditto. I don't really want to trust arbitrary build scripts written by 
> people I don't know to run as root on my machine.

That's FUD, so please do avoid spreading it. :)

pbuilder does run build under fakeroot when you 
configure it to be.

pbuilder itself runs under root.

Also, pbuilder-user-mode-linux can run under normal user privilages.
(But I have not yet heard of anybody really using it)

> > > And personally, I would not like to have an automated
> > > building process running as root on any box that has productive
> > > jobs.
> Another partial solution that no-one appears to have mentioned is to 
> use sbuild instead. Although it does require sudo root on the build 
> machine (for chroot), I think the actual build processes run under 
> fakeroot, which should protect against rogue maintainer scripts. It 
> does not, however, protect against rogue packages which are installed 
> as dependencies in the chroot.

The same can be said about pbuilder, although probably not about 

I would like to know how pbuilder-uml does.
In my computer rootstrap seems to stop while running
debootstrap and downloading base system, so I have not been
able to test it quite well recently.

Anyone tried pbuilder-uml out extensively ? 


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