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Re: [desktop] Setting default wallpaper

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 02:21, Matthew McGuire wrote:

> I retouched the Debian_Blue theme I built for WindowMaker, and with a 
> little work it could be used as the default theme. 

Cool.  Note that if you do work to make this the default WindowMaker
theme in Debian, I have a patch waiting in the bts:
to make wmaker support desktop-base.

> On another note, the desktop-base package does not have any conffiles 
> defined. IIRC this means that any other package install scripts may 
> modify files in the desktop-base packages as needed. 

Hmm...you could use dpkg-divert I suppose...if we run into the situation
later where other packages want to change the default desktop
background, we can try to come up with something better.

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