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Re: Bug#174494: ITP: debbug-gtk -- GTK applications for managing Debian bugs

  Thanks to everyone for the off-list support.
The screenshot url was wrong. It should of course have been:

A lot of my efforts have been enhancing the Java-Gnome bindings (I am a
member of the upstream development team). There have particularly been
problems with free jre's not functioning properly (or at least not in
the generally expected manner); and also Blackdown java (as used by the
rest of the java-gnome team) not working in Debian at the moment. The
bugwatcher application does function, however there are a number of
issues with text entries which make them run incredibly slowly with
kaffe (Apparently Blackdown 1.4.1 works fine; other free jvms don't work
at all, mostly due to jni problems)

I have been trying to make the code reusable as far as possible. In
particular, the bug listing widget and bug report widget may be used
wherever wanted - this is demonstrated by the separate buglister and
bugviewer apps. Hopefully in the future it will be possible to use these
in other places, possibly a graphical bug reporting tool. 

In terms of the code and bts interaction, all it does at the moment is
download the web pages with bug reports in them and then parses them (in
a very crude manner). My aims were to get something which works with the
current system before looking into changes in the bts. Being able to
change bug reports is quite far down on the list of todo items at the
moment - I want a stable bugwatcher tool first. 
I have not contacted doogie regarding his work at rewriting debbugs, but
I'll probably look into it now. 

I won't post tarballs or packages up at the moment - they depend on
newer java-gnome libraries than what is currently available in the
repository. java-gnome builds currently fail part way through due to
problems in the libgnome-java section (it is still all under
development), so I can't upload updated packages. I will do so in a few
days, by which time java-gnome should be buildable and I will have also
done more work on bugwatcher. 

Thanks for the support. 
  .''`. Mark Howard
 : :' :
 `. `'  http://www.tildemh.com 
   `-   mh@debian.org | mh@tildemh.com | mh344@cam.ac.uk 

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