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Re: amavisd-new new upstream

FYI: I have amavisd-new and the required version of libnet-perl
(also in unstable) compiled for woody.

This version is very different from previous versions,
and I don't know how much of existing setups may break
(I can only test it on my postfix installation).

Currently I have merged amavis-* arch any packages to
one amavisd-new arch all package, this is all that is
required. However this package still uses /var/lib/amavis/
and /var/run/amavis/ (I felt this would make upgrading

It is available with the following apt sources line:

deb http://www.microcomaustralia.com.au/debian/ unstable main

(this repository also contains other software, so be careful
if you only want amavisd-new and libnet-perl installed).

I am not 100% happy with the upgrade procedure (especially
if you don't use postfix; I don't really know whats involved),
but it seems to work fine on my test system.

Also be warned, as documented in README.Debian, the default To/From
E-Mail addresses used in notifications are @example.com, which is a
valid Internet domain! These need to be modified immediately after
installation (is there a better way to do this??)

If I can get other people to test it out, especially non-postfix users,
I will upload it to Debian.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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