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Bug#174494: ITP: debbug-gtk -- GTK applications for managing Debian bugs

Package: wnpp
Version: unavailable; reported 2002-12-27
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : debbug-gtk
  Upstream Author : Mark Howard <mh@tildemh.com>
* License         : LGPL
  Description     : GTK applications for managing Debian bugs

 Graphical applications for interacting with the Debian bug tracking
 system. These are currently IN DEVELOPMENT, so please DO NOT RELY ON THEM. If
 you would like new features adding, please submit a wishlist bug. If you are
 able to help contribute to these applications (Java), please contact me.
   * BugWatcher - Application for monitoring  bug listings. This will
  eventually work in a similar vein to an email client or news reader -
  you will subscribe to packages (email accounts / news groups) and then
  see the list of non-archived bugs (emails / news postings). When you
  read a bug, it will be marked as read. After synchronisation, any
  changed bug reports will be highlighted.
   * BugViewer - Fetches and displays bug reports 
   * BugLister - Fetches and displays bug listings for a package / source package
  / maintainer / submitter.

A screenshot of current development of BugWatcher can be seen at
http://tildemh.com.tmp/debbuggtk/20021227.png. Tarballs of the latest
development will be posted on request if anyone wants them (My net
connection is very poor at the moment).  
The program is in a functional state, but is not yet ready for a
release. Progress is being hampered by compatibility problems with free
jre's and java-gnome. 

If anyone is interested in helping with this or the associated library,
please let me know. 

  .''`. Mark Howard
 : :' :
 `. `'  http://www.tildemh.com
   `-   mh@debian.org | mh@tildemh.com | mh344@cam.ac.uk

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