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Automated package testing (Re: Is Sid for broken stuff? Is it too much to ask for testing the packages?)

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 09:53:02AM +1100, Brian May wrote:

> 2. Automatic package testing mode; instead of installing the source, it
>    would install/reinstall/remove/purge the generated binaries (this
>    might be difficult though if the package generates multiple
>    conflicting packages...).

I have the beginnings of a UML-based tool for this kind of testing.  Since
it's a complete kernel+userland environment, this makes it possible to test
things like network daemons which are problematic in a chroot, especially if
the same daemon is running on the host.

rootstrap and umlrun are two functional components that I wrote as
prerequisites to this tool, both are in unstable.  rootstrap builds a
complete Debian filesystem image in a file, and umlrun provides a way to
non-interacively boot a UML system, run a sequence of shell commands inside
it (collecting the output), then shut it down.

If someone else has an interest in developing something like this, I'd like
to hear from them, as I have too many projects already.

 - mdz

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