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Re: Is Sid for broken stuff? Is it too much to ask for testing the packages?

> Another two suggestions for pbuilder (assuming that they aren't already
> there...):

pbuilder "hooks" are provided, so the framework for the following 3 are 
probably possible.

Specify --hookdir option for the directory which contains hook files,
and having shellscripts like

C01invokeshell   (which probably just calls bash < /dev/tty > /dev/tty)
B01installcheck  (which probably just dpkg -i /tmp/buildd/*.deb)
B02debiantest    (which probably runs debian-test over the package)

I'll probably go and add this to the examples for pbuilder, if 
nobody manages to do it before me :P

will do almost everything you want.
It's a bit difficult to check package upgrade/downgrades automatically,
because I am out of ideas for obtaining source for older versions of the
package reliable and automatically.


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