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Re: KDEE3 question

#include <hallo.h>
* Colin Watson [Fri, Nov 29 2002, 02:14:35PM]:

> > to see a good reason for not compiling KDE3 on gcc 2.95 as this
> > definitely works or else there wouldn't be a single KDE3 for woody
> > package on kde.org.
> The good reason is that all the KDE library sonames have to be changed
> when switching to gcc 3.2. The KDE developers rightly wish to avoid this
> disruption.

What's the problem with a such change? Sure, the amount of work needed
for the whole gcc-3.2 transition would grow a bit. But what will happen
when they upload new, gcc-3.2 based packages with the package names of
existing inofficial packages? I expect lots of users whinning about
temporar breakage. So it would be good to change them anyways. And
looking so, the existing KDE3 packages could also go into Sid _now_.

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