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Re: KDEE3 question

Tom Badran wrote:

On Friday 29 Nov 2002 9:12 am, Michael Meskes wrote:

I was just being told that we won't get any KDE3 packages until the
whole Debian project is moved to gcc 3.2. Is this correct? If so, why?
And is there a timetable? Is it a problem to compile the packages with
gcc 2.95?

The matter of the fact is that almost all Debian/KDE users are already
using ftp.kde.org to get the KDE packages. I would surely prefer to have
these packages as part of our archive instead of redirecting everyone away
from debian.org.

The plan as i understand it is to supply gcc 3.2 built packages once kde 3.1 is released, and never supply gcc 2.95 ones in debian

AFAIK, both gcc-3.2 and binutils have to be checked on every architecture and the transition will start once all architectures are ready for the transition.


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