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Re: DAM approval wait time?

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 12:21:40PM -0800, Jim Lynch wrote:
> > 	A bit hypocritical of you pointing out that I was
> > participating in my own thread late.
> Not at all. The thread I refer to is the now-very-large "Are we
> losing users to Gentoo" thread, which you have not participated in
> since your inception of it.

I was referring to your own post to my "DAM approval wait time"
outburst. Before this email, I had made some attempt at contributing
to the discussion with two posts in the little free time I have.

> Lots of material in that thread... should we expect some of it to be
> used at DP and some in your exit thesis? Sorry, but I'm not putting
> this past you.

I no longer write articles or editorials for Debian Planet and I have
never done or never will start a debate on a mailing list as a flimsy
excuse for writing an article. Like you and everyone else here, I too
am entitled to form an opinion of my own and be able to express them
in a public forum.

> > I have to ask, are you pursuing some kind of vendetta against me?
> > I can't explain why else you are digging everything you know about
> > me and using whatever I may have said on #debian years ago against
> > me.
> All I'm doing in the post you replied to is asking the question
> "What exactly do you intend to do as a debian developer?", a
> question reflected in the process of your NM app. You should simply
> answer it.

I have answered already this question. I package and maintain software
for Debian GNU/Linux.

> On the other hand, seeing the thread you started with material you
> -know- to be inflamitory, I am led to question your maturity. As I
> mention below, however, the ensuing discussion may lead to some good
> results.

Aren't you deliberately inflaming me right now?

> Good, but some of your other statements contradict this...
>    I might as well stop telling others that Debian is more
>    than just a distribution, but a community and just throw my packages
>    out the window.
> And here's a statement that shows intent to produce a flame war:
>    Bring on the fucking flame-war. Something has to burn. Might as well
>    be me.
> Both of these from Message-ID:
> <20021023083617.GA17035@espresso>. And that is from -this- thread.
> PLEASE grow up.

Thanks to the silent treatment I am receiving from the DAM and barrage
of abuse directed at me from people such as yourself and others in
#debian-devel I really do question if my participation in the Debian
community is respected or my mere presence is welcome. That thread was
just one of those moments when I have come close to just walking away
from it all.

> Summary, I'm not so happy with your present level of maturity and a
> few of your actions as a result, but I also see you're making some
> effort.

You have some nerve there Jim flaunting your arrogance like that. I
have tried to reply to you in a rational and polite manner, but I have
come to the conclusion that no matter what I say or do, you will
continue to harass me in public. You have no right to judge me and I
will no longer entertain your perverted sense of enjoyment in
attempting to humiliate and belittle people in public.

Good day.

Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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