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Re: Debian Accessibility Project was: Re: linux for blinds

Milan Zamazal <pdm@debian.org> writes:

>>>>>> "ML" == Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:
>     ML> I now took the time and summarized the current state of things
>     ML> regarding accessibility and Debian, and also tried to give a bit
>     ML> of overview which areas could use help from people.  
> BTW, there's the Free(b)deb project
> (http://www.freebsoft.org/project-freebdeb.html), aiming at producing a
> customized Debian-based distribution for the blind and visually
> impaired.  The project has received some sponsorship recently and we
> hope to produce a usable installation CD or DVD during the next year.

Great!  I'd be happier if you'd try to go maintream from the beginning
on, but knowing the field and nature of the problem, I can understand
your decision and wish you lcuk!

> Our resources are quite limited, so we try to achieve the simplest
> imaginable goal as the first step -- to produce a medium that can be
> used to install and configure a limited set of the most important
> packages (from the point of view of the visually impaired people)
> easily.

Which primary aim do you have there? Speech output?  Braille output?
Which software do you plan to use?

> "Easily" means in such a way, that a non-impaired knowledgeable
> (i.e. one who is a bit familiar with system administration and has
> read the accompanied documentation) person can install several
> systems without big troubles in short time on a common hardware,
> e.g. during an installfest, and get them running in a usual way.

I know Debian-Installer isn't ready for prime-time yet, but just to
let you know I've now comitted brltty-udeb to the i386 cdrom package
list.  From what I could test, it should just work.  Far from blind
friendly yet, but it's a start.

> From the technical point of view, we're just at the beginning.

The Debian Accessibility Project is too.  I'd like to see combined
forces wherever possible.  Lets just try to avoid too much

(BTW, see Bug#170692, that might help)

> Anyone interested in participation is welcome to subscribe to the
> developers' mailing list (freebdeb-devel-subscribe@freebsoft.org).

I've immediately subscribed to your developer list (although there is
something wrong with the subscription system, it refuses to accept my
From: header, but instead subscribed my Sender: header, which is not
quite right).

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        | Get my public key via finger mlang@db.debian.org
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