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Re: Debian Accessibility Project was: Re: linux for blinds

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Neither.  I was simply wondering if you felt free software in particular
> which is needed by a user of Debian had a stronger claim to inclusion in
> Debian than non-free software, even if also needed by a user of Debian.
> Because if you don't, it's misleading to say "free software" when one
> means just "software".
> Yes, I'm trying to draw you out about something.  Gathering more
> anecdotes, one might say.  ;-)
Clear statement here:  I'm in favour of keeping non-free as is.
I like to support Debian users who just need non-free software.

On the other hand my opinion is this clear that I do not need to
waste my time in following this damn non-free discussion and I hope
that this thread will not be drawn in this direction.

Kind regards


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