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Re: web browser bookmark defaults

Richard Braakman wrote:
> *sigh* It's a bit early to play the censorship card, you know.

yeah - i know.  sorry.  i got a bit riled up.

> You're supposed to wait until I've called you a Nazi and someone else
> has invoked the Social Contract ("Our Priorities are Our Users and
> Free Software").

/me notes for future reference  ;)

> We're not _removing_ anything, we're providing an integrated system.

in this cotext, it seems that upstream galeon _includes_ those
bookmarks (redhat, slackware, et al). to _remove_ those bookmarks is a
_removal_ for non-technical reasons.

iff upstream has no such bookmarks, (ie: cnn, msn, aol), then we have
absolutely no need to add them.

iff upstream had _no_ bookmarks at all, then we can add those that we
deem as important for _our_ users (www.debian.org, packages.d.o, et al).

i see a _big_ difference between value added, and value removed for the
purposes of branding.

>   - Deciding what should be in the installed documentation
>     (how-to-compile-and-install information is just clutter)

techinical reason (this is redundant information)

>   - What should be in the menus (there's no point in listing
>     programs that are not installed)

menu's are not shipped from upstream

>   - What should be described in manpages (pathnames should
>     say where files _actually_ are, not just where to start
>     looking for them)

techincal merits.

you forgot to add bugfixes, but those are clearly technical merits.

if an upsteram config utility was designed specifically for a certain
platform, and we had the infrastructure to support that configuration on
_all_ our platforms, then there is no need for us to include that. that
is a technical merit (redundancy).

to clarify: if the bookmarks stay or go, i will not argue. it is up to
the maintainer, and i will happily abide by his decision. when asked for
my opinion (which, i was) i am of the opinion that arbitrarily removing
them serves no useful purposes. putting them in a Other Distros leper
colony sub-menu would be fine. ensuring the Debian bookmarks were above
the others would be fine, too.

change for changes sake should be minimised.

as i said, i dunno if that is a good enough reason or not, but there ya
go. i offered it.


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