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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

Glenn a écrit : 
 > "The USE settings system is a flexible way to enable or disable various
 > features at package build-time on a global level and for individual
 > packages."

 > Gentoo can be compiled with different compile options, so for example in
 > debian lsh-client depends in pam which isnt available under the Hurd, so
 > GNU/hurd could have the USE setting for PAM disabled for all packages
 > built for it, when PAM was working it could be enabled and those packages
 > recompiled.

Well, we have PAM in Debian GNU/Hurd ;)
The main problem with GNU/Hurd and ssh(and clones) is that, by default,
we don't have /dev/random nor /dev/urandom (there is a random
translator which is working, but not included in Debian GNU/Hurd).

And anyway, there is the arch-specific builddeps and depends that can be 
used for that.

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