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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> "Instead of the developers learning to treat certain versions as separate
> packages, the developers taught Portage how to handle and maintain several
> versions of the same package though the use of SLOTs."
> It goes on to explain further with an example, basically they have an
> extra field to differentiate between packages with the same name.

rpm does this (using the version as the extra field) and it is a real PITA.

> Obviously it would be rediculous to try and formally distribute binary
> packages with many different compile options, but we could still add extra
> features to our source packages and leave it upto our enlightened users
> wether they use the generic binary distributed by debian or stray just a
> little from the path and customise the binary for there situation (within
> the limits as dictated by the packager).

Yep. It requires modifying every package eventually however. See the
DEB_BUILD_OPTS stuff and imagine it extended;

see shy jo

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