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Which lists must I subscribe, when I'm debian-maintainer?


I've got some problems with my mailbox, I mean I don't want
to receive 500 mails per day :) Most of them are debian lists.
Which of them I must subscribe? (i'm waiting for DAM approval
new-maintainer). Acctualy I'm subscribing debian-devel, 
debian-devel-changes, debian-user-polish (I'm from Poland), 
debian-cd and debian-mentors. I think I'm not obligated to
subscribe debian-cd/debian-mentors/debian-devel-changes, am I?
Sorry for that post, but I've forgotten my AM mail with needed
lists, so I'm asking here. Which lists can I safely unsubscribe?

Thanks a lot

Mati (mati@mati.rm.pl)
Sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support

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