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Re: Debconf-like note for non-free packages

Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org> wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> The basis for this misunderstanding is that the packages in
>> question are distributed by archives under the "Debian" umbrella,
>> such as the {http,ftp}.<iso-3166>.debian.org mirrors.  Users
>> perceive this software as coming "from Debian", where "Debian" is
>> some amalgam of Debian (the OS), and Debian (the project).  Debian
>> (the OS), includes only free software.  Debian (the project)
>> distributes Debian (the OS), as well as a bunch of other, non-free
>> software which looks a lot like everything else that the user gets
>> from Debian.

> What do people think about a note (maybe using Debconf) that is
> displayed at the installation of all non-free packages, stating the
> package is non-free and displaying its license. There should also be
> an option to abort the installation of the package in case the user
> doesn't agree with the license. This way, I suppose that a lot of
> users would be at least much more aware of what non-free stuff they
> are using[1].

If this was implemented similarily to apt-listchanges, i.e. a simple
package I can I can choose to install if I think like it, I'd say it
was nice idea, suggested name: apt-vrms.

OTOH I am strongly opposed to make this an integral part of apt or
dpkg - forcing users to think about a issue by showing them a note
with "click here to continue" does not work. Do you know any normal
user who actually reads e.g. Microsoft's EULA?
            cu andreas

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