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[desktop] webmin or Ximian Setup Tools?


From a KDE point of view. I've looked at the Ximian Setup Tools. There have a 
pretty interface and pretty icons but :

- KDE already have a tool for managing users (kuser) that overlap with one of 
the Ximian Setup Tools
- Configuration tools in KDE should ideally integrate in the KDE Configuration 
Center, so the KDE user have one central place to look if he wants to modify 
his settings. I don't think it is possible with the Ximian Setup Tools. 
- There is already a possibility of integrating webmin modules as Kcontrol 
modules. look  http://users.skynet.be/top/webconfig/
- Last but not least, KDE applications are accessible for macros and scripting 
through their DCOP interface. That means that you can manipulate a KControl 
module from a scripting language or from the cli or a webpage. For example 
you could from a help page in html click on an hyperlink that would open the 
configuration tools with the right tab, like you can do in MsWindows. It is 
for the time being a feature not largely used but I believe it will be put in 
action to make our help system more user friendly.

To my knowledge, Ximian Setup Tools are not dcop compatible. They were hints 
on freedesktop.org from core gnome developpers that they may consider in the 
future to adopt dcop for Gnome. But until it is done and maybe it is not 
technically feasible,  I don't think that Gtk configuration tools can 
integrate well with the growing number of KDE configuration tools.


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