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Re: [desktop] webmin or Ximian Setup Tools?

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 14:43, Charles de Miramon wrote:
> - Configuration tools in KDE should ideally integrate in the KDE Configuration 
> Center, so the KDE user have one central place to look if he wants to modify 
> his settings. I don't think it is possible with the Ximian Setup Tools. 
the XST have the UI and the real implementation cleanly separated, so
you can just write UI front-ends for the KDE control center using the
backends in XST. AFAIR, they are perl scripts that take account of the
differences between systems and distributions.

> To my knowledge, Ximian Setup Tools are not dcop compatible. They were hints 
> on freedesktop.org from core gnome developpers that they may consider in the 
> future to adopt dcop for Gnome.
are you sure these were core gnome developers? Because I haven't heard a
word about it myself.


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