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Possible MIA: Jules Bean? NMUs for LyX and Balsa?

Hey everyone,
	Has anyone seen Jules Bean around? Is he still active? His LyX
packages are out of date and I'm starting to suspect that he might be
MIA, since he's not on vacation according to people.d.o.

LyX:	#148555, #157839, #166178
	Debian Unstable	1.1.6fix4-2	(2001-07-31)
			1.2.0		(2002-05-29)
			1.2.1		(2002-08-20)

	His last post to the BTS regarding 1.2.x packages was on May
30 under #148555 and he hasn't responded since to my queries. Someone
really should consider NMUing this package because 1.1.6 cannot open
1.2.x LyX files at all and I'm starting to encounter more and more
workstations out there with LyX 1.2.1. If no one else wishes to
package 1.2.1 within the week or if Jules remains MIA, then I'm
willing to undertake it.

	In addition, Np237 on IRC has pointed out that Balsa (another
of Jules's package) is also in the same situation.

Balsa:	#126058
	Debian Unstable	balsa-1.2.4-2	(2002-01-20)
	GNOME1.4	balsa-1.4.1	(2002-09-14)
	GNOME2		balsa-2.0.3	(2002-10-28)

	I guess I could NMU Balsa2 as well if no one objects within
the fortnight, though my priorities will be with LyX since I use it a

Yours sincerely,
Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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