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Re: [desktop] webmin or Ximian Setup Tools?

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 08:43, Charles de Miramon wrote:
> Hello,
> >From a KDE point of view. I've looked at the Ximian Setup Tools. There have a 
> pretty interface and pretty icons but :
> - KDE already have a tool for managing users (kuser) that overlap with one of 
> the Ximian Setup Tools
> - Configuration tools in KDE should ideally integrate in the KDE Configuration 
> Center, so the KDE user have one central place to look if he wants to modify 
> his settings. I don't think it is possible with the Ximian Setup Tools. 

The problem would be there would not be a consistent interface for the
user between gnome and kde, which is going to be essential for the end
user (not to mention documenting the tools used, since a new user would
need this too).  Eg, using kde tools, everything is in the KDE
configuration Center, which is great, but what happens when the user is
using gnome?  We could bring up the KDE configuration center, but then
there would be all the extra stuff in there specifically for kde, which
would be confusing.  If we had a separate menu to launch the various
applications, that would be better, but still a different interface for
accessing the tools.  If we do one application and use it consistently
in both environments, then both kde and gnome users will have the same
interface for the configuration options that are system wide only. 
Webmin already has this, and ximian-setup-tools could either be in a
menu or a launcher application could be written to launch the various
tools (eg like with gnomecc in gnome1 or in the old days of linuxconf). 
Obviously, this would need to be discussed more-- this is just off the
top of my head.

webmin is nice, but Ximian Setup Tools would look and feel much better
to a new user, IMO.  I haven't used them much (just installed and looked
at them), but they seem quite nice.

> - There is already a possibility of integrating webmin modules as Kcontrol 
> modules. look  http://users.skynet.be/top/webconfig/
> - Last but not least, KDE applications are accessible for macros and scripting 
> through their DCOP interface. That means that you can manipulate a KControl 
> module from a scripting language or from the cli or a webpage. For example 
> you could from a help page in html click on an hyperlink that would open the 
> configuration tools with the right tab, like you can do in MsWindows. It is 
> for the time being a feature not largely used but I believe it will be put in 
> action to make our help system more user friendly.
In terms of Debian Desktop, I don't see the advantage of dcop.  I am not
saying there isn't one-- perhaps you could explain.

James Strandboge

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