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Re: is Debian an anarchist organization/project?

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:04, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> >So tell me then, how would an anarchist society defend itself against
> >a few hundred people teaming up to excercise power over their neighbors,
> >with their weapons that each can take out ten people each, as you say? I
> >think you'd have one continuous civil war over the resources that /are/
> >scarce.
> The answer to that is simple; if 100 people banded together like that,
> 1000 would rise up to crush them. An armed populace is deadly to the
> aspirations of those who are greedy.

All through history there have been countries invaded and the army that holds 
the territory is vastly outnumbered by the population.  The reason that they 
are able to hold the territory is that they are able to fight a number of 
small battles in which they have the majority and prevent the locals from 
organizing to fight them on equal terms.

Read the history books about how Germany subjugated Europe in WW2.  If they 
hadn't declared war on Russia and if the Americans hadn't been forced into 
the war then the result would have probably been quite different.

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