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is Debian an anarchist organization/project?

I've heard some people saying that Debian is a good example of
anarchy in action.  If it is, how does that fit in with the statement
mimeographed below?  Maybe we aren't anarchist after all...  What should
I tell people who ask if Debian is anarchic?


-=<O>=- ~~~ An Anarchist's Creed ~~~ -=<O>=-

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all humans have the
inalienable right to life, liberty, and the full product of their own

That this right to life presupposes that everyone has an equal right to
benefit from and make use of humanities common inheritance, to wit, the
land, air, and water of this earth, and all that they contain.

That the right to liberty presupposes that coercion of one man by
another is an indescribable evil. But liberty does not include one man
taking what rightly belongs to all of humanity for his exclusive use,
misuse, and non-use.

That all humans have an equal and legitimate right to defend their lives
and their share of the human inheritance. No person or body of persons
shall maintain a monopoly on such right to legitimate use of force.
Bodies maintaining such monopolies today are called "governments".

That governments are the cause, not the solution to the malaise,
disorder, crime and poverty that plague society.

That Theft is Murder and Property is Robbery, and governments perpetuate
both as their main function.

That by abolishing government and private property we can better work
toward a peaceful society where people live, play and work together free
from fear of theft, murder, oppression, starvation, and homelessness.
And by abolishing government and private property, we can all enjoy the
unlimited wealth that this physical universe and our fertile human
imaginations provide as an inheritance.

Humans being mortal, we hold that a persons rights cease at the same
time their life does. Their possessions, whether of social capital or
the product of their labor, revert to the ownership of society. A person
may designate other individuals to have right of first refusal on their
possessions. Should any of these individuals choose to exercise such
right of first refusal, they must recompense society in an equal amount
to the benefit society would have otherwise received from the deceased's
possessions. The immediate and extended family are next given the same
rights of refusal.

Vive liberte! Vive la revolution!
                    Geek House Productions, Ltd.

 Providing Unix & Internet Contracting and Consulting,
 QA Testing, Technical Documentation, Systems Design & Implementation,
 General Programming, E-commerce, Web & Mail Services since 1998

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