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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

Daniel Burrows <dnb114@psu.edu> writes:
> > A newbie who is using a computer with << 256 MB RAM is not likely
> > to use either Gnome or KDE. At least not for long.
>   Hm, IME Gnome and KDE work well with "only" 128 MB of RAM.  I actually
> upgraded to 384 MB a while back, but that was more because I tend to
> occasionally do stuff like, oh, compiling several large C++ programs
> while running Galeon with a few dozen tabs open and a numerical
> simulation in the background. [0]

I have two systems, one with 256MB and one with 512MB*, and the 512MB one
is noticably better in this regard (in that I never have to wait for
stuff to swap in; on the 256MB system I quite often do).

Of course, I use mozilla for looking at the web... hmmm


* Someone actually _gave_ me the 512MB of RAM because it wasn't
  compatible with his new system -- which has 4GB!
  Geez this stuff is cheap these days...
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