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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 7:59 AM, Josip Rodin at joy@gkvk.hr wrote:

>> It sounds bizarre, actually, to classify programs by which toolkit they use.
>> I don't think most users really care.
> I agree -- and we shouldn't make them care, because what most people want is
> to get a task done, not fiddle about with how it gets done.
Agreed.  The end goal is to have something that Just Works and is reasonably
easy for the newbie.

However, as I stated elsewhere on this thread, there are some good technical
reasons to segregate by toolset.  This is still a topic of debate and
discussion though, and I don't think it is settled.

> (Also, most people won't have a bunch of GNOME, and KDE, and other
> applications installed, so it makes no sense for those to have three
> separate menus, some of which empty.)
Hmm, now here is an interesting conundrum.

Upon installation, the user selects "Desktop" for an installation package.
Does this mean that ONLY those KDE or Gnome apps that will appear in the
menu hierarchy are installed?  Or will the full range of KDE and Gnome apps
be installed, but only the best of breed show up in the menu hierarchy for
the "Basic Menu" layout?

To deal directly with the point you raised though, if the user does NOT
install, say, KDE - then s/he would not have a KDE oriented menu installed
with no apps in it - just a pure Gnome menu, or whatever.  I would hope that
the installer and Desktop config system would be at least that minimally

Luke Seubert

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