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[desktop] Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 10:22 AM, Tim Wheeler at tim@greengibberish.com wrote:

> i know for myself, and to a much greater degree, for the people i support, it
> is counter-productive to have to search into the menu tree to find tasks.  i
> don't like that some items are buried under debian folders.  i don't want a
> kde system or a gnome system.  i want a gnu/linux desktop.  a beauty of
> opensource is that products can work together (there's no hidden api's)--at
> least when political agendas don't get in the way.
Well, Debian Desktop does seek to present a really elegant and simple menu
hierarchy.  As for mixing QT and GTK apps within a single menu, well, that
is being debated.  I tend to favor segregation for now.

> the free/free software movement has a healthy dislike of bad decisions made
> because of money, but shows inconsistency in its silence about bad decisions
> made because of politics (and i'm not talking about issues of freedom).
> if nothing else, hear this plea for gnome and kde to work together... at
> least in debian.
Agreed.  Within the free software movement, decsions should not be made on
the basis of politics.

My hope is that good technical arguments will emerge that strongly support
various decisions taken, and that we can avoid as much politics as possible.

Heh.  Am I sadly naive or what? ;-)

Luke Seubert

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